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Updated: "Statistical View on FocusMax" by Dr Morton la Cour

"Precision Focusing Using FocusMax" 2012 AIC presentation by Steve Brady



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.FocusMax V4 is now available from


Autofocus Software for Astronomers

FocusMax V4 is now available! Visit CCDWare for a description of the many new features, capabilities and screen shots. Sign up for a 60 day trial.


FocusMax was designed to aid astronomers in the difficult task of focusing CCD-based telescopes. FocusMax is routinely used worldwide with unattended, all-night robotic-telescope operations including, asteroid and supernova searches, astrometry, photometry, astro- imaging, and more. With the availability of motorized focusing hardware, astronomers now have the opportunity to fully automate their focusing operation.

FocusMax was first released to the public in 2001 and has continued to evolve with many new features and capabilities. Input from users around the world has enabled us to further meet the needs of the astronomy community.